Big Horn Jewelry Wear the beauty of the Old West.

Christi's story:

"I LOVE rocks!  I was in a store umpteen years ago with some friends helping them pick beads to make award necklaces with.  The store had this amazing collection of beads made with different types of stones I've been collecting as long as I can remember.  I was seriously excited about the idea of being able to wear jewelry made from something I loved.  My goal is to be able to someday start working with metal clays.  I can't wait to mix my own designs with these beautiful stones."

Jeannette's story:

"Taking off from Christi’s statement, she was picking up rocks (along with everything else) as soon as she was walking.  Going on drives in the back country always included looking for rocks.  That developed into the buying of gemstones and designing her necklaces.  When she was home for a while, she suggested we try to sell some of our designs – thus we became Big Horn Jewelry – of course a lot of time between those two things.  I work half time at a local bank and the other half is usually figuring out what I want to design next.  Our family loves the mountains and camping and just generally goofing off – but always looking for rocks – me looking – them fishing.  My goal is to supplement our income (after I quit the bank) with our sales.  I go to a lot of events - it’s a lot of work - but always a lot of fun – you meet so many neat people.  We hope you enjoy looking at our website (thanks to my daughter) and our products."